Getting to grips with Pulse

I’ve had a busy week of finding a job, signing their forms and at the same time, learning how to code various aspects of the app in pulse game engine.  I started coding the game in pulse the other day and have got it almost ready to begin coding the game logic.

I began with a menu (as I always seem to do with any game I’ve attempted in the last 4 years) and tbh, I was sick of the boring styles of menus which have became an inherent design which my pens seem to produce – ie. block,block,block … . imo it should entice the gamer/users invite them to appreciate the genre of game that they are about to play, whether it be a dark and errie theme or a kiddies game: basically, I wanted to define the aesthetics not just churn out a menu with no design considerations – especially for a casino game – they seem to be overburdened with logos, elegant, rich colours and plagued with buttons, dialogue and yet even more options. That is why I’ve chosen to try and create a tomb raider styled menu. (alot more difficult it seems than I thought initially but i’m getting there. (for the moment I have an image which ive put in the canvas so I can work on the design separately for just now).

I’ve also added background music to the menu pages – The song: Famous by puddle of mud  just sort of was in my head when I was tinkering with the layout so that will do for now.

Have a look




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